Putting the ‘Standard’ in ‘Standard Operating Procedures’

PerformaTech and our network of Affiliates are driven to improve Standard Operating Procedures.  Well written Standard Operating Procedures have social and environmental benefits; but more than that, they make good economic sense.

Too often we see Standard Operating Procedures under-utilised and under-valued; and put simply, the cost of this is unsustainable.

Our purpose is clear: we help businesses transition from a state where their Standard Operating Procedures are under-utilised to a state where Standard Operating Procedures become a valuable and effective business tool.

In your hands an effective set of Standard Operating Procedures can be the difference between a ‘lean business’ where best practices are identified and documented, leading to a confident workforce with radically reduced waste and errors; and those businesses who operate in a world of organised chaos.

To ensure your Standard Operating Procedures are effective PerformaTech has developed software for ‘Task Related Information Mapping’ (TRIM-SOP) and our Affiliates can provide your business with expert support.

Task Related Information Mapping for Standard Operating Procedures

Integrating with Microsoft Word, TRIM-SOP significantly reduces the time taken to create effective Standard Operating Procedures.  TRIM-SOP was developed with an understanding of the important and varied roles that Standard Operating Procedures have, including: learning and development, training, auditing, and process improvement.

TRIM-SOP automates the formatting and layout of your Standard Operating Procedures so you can have a consistent set of documents, and your SOP Developers can focus on the accuracy and value.

Network Of Affiliates

Our affiliates are like minded people. Affiliates are selected for their ability to provide your business with specialised advice to help improve the effectiveness of your Standard Operating Procedures and develop your in-house capability.